Product Descriptions & PDPs


Product descriptions explain a product and offer important information about the product’s key features and benefits. From Amazon product description pages (PDPs) to the most popular eCommerce platforms, as well as clients’ bespoke CRMs, we’ve brought hundreds of products to life through creative copy.


Strong website product descriptions come from understanding exactly who your ideal buyer is and addressing their pain points. It’s about including features but focusing on benefits. Whether products call for customers to be seduced with sensory words or reassured by technical talk, we take product descriptions to the next level.


A strong product description or PDP not only means your product gets found by search engines but converts customers from browsers to buyers in a few strategic sentences. We have written hundreds of product descriptions for eCommerce websites that have made conversion rates rocket and successfully and succinctly described how and why a particular product is the only real solution to the customer’s problem.

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