We’re serious about what we do and the work we produce, but that doesn’t mean we take ourselves too seriously and we like to have a bit of banter along the way.


Founder and Managing Director
The glue that holds this gig together, Lauren combines her agency-side experience with her natural flare for copywriting to nurture our ambitious business. She keeps everyone on their toes with her demanding deadlines and is regularly found flinging ideas around. As a millennial managing director, she tries to delegate the boring bits and focus on the fun stuff – which doesn’t always work out – but luckily, she’s more than happy to muck in! From fronting pitches to generating new business, Lauren takes care of everything behind the scenes that have helped us create one of the region’s leading copywriting and content marketing agencies.


Marketing Admin Assistant
Claire is our resident blog boss – from coming up with creative ideas and translating these into keyword-rich briefs for high-performing SEO blog posts, to managing all aspects of our blog writing services, Claire eats, sleeps and breathes blogs. Claire has played a pivotal role in helping us become a leading blog content marketing agency in Norwich. Whether working on punchy blog posts or long-form articles, Claire knows what works when it comes to how to write a blog post that adds value, drives traffic and converts customers.


Account Executive

Vera helps manage some of our social media clients and is an important point of contact between their teams and ours. She also helps create social media assets, from carousels to polls and stories to reels. She has many years of experience in marketing and even has a knack for solving any IT issues! Whether it’s working with WordPress, exploring Elementor or any other CMS, Vera has a talent for finding her way around websites. 


Marketing Executive

Ellen provides marketing support to our team as well as our list of lovely clients. She also helps to grow our clients’ profiles on social media by interacting with followers and using our tried and tested checklist for social media engagement. Ellen joined us at the end of her maternity leave as she’s passionate about marketing and about daytime conversations that don’t revolve around Peppa Pig.


The gatekeeper of grammar, Sue casts her eagle eye over everything we do before it goes out the digital door. She knows whether it’s who’s, whose or whom and is in the minority of people who isn’t confused by when to use a comma, semi-colon or colon. Sue is more than meticulous so if there’s some suspicious spelling or out-of-place punctuation – she’ll find it.

Our writers

Good, reliable writers are like gold dust. We’ve built a team of writers, some of whom have been working with us for many years, who know our clients like the back of their hands. With expertise and experience across the depth and breadth of industries, from the weird and wonderful to everyday subjects, general to niche and short-form to long-form copy, we’re perfectly placed to deliver any style of copy to engage any type of audience.