How to Create Spook-tacular FOMO with Your Content Marketing This Halloween

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Eventbrite found that 69% of millennials experience FOMO, so in the digital realm, where every brand is vying for attention, sparking FOMO—or FEAR of Missing Out—is a surefire way to stand out.

With Halloween around the corner, let’s harness the power of fright night to give your audience some thrilling FOMO moments. Here’s how to weave some Halloween magic into your content marketing strategy.

1. Exclusive Cauldron Content and Limited Time Potions

One of the most effective ways to create FOMO is through exclusive content or limited-time offers. By nature, exclusivity creates a sense of urgency. Think about webinars that offer unique insights for the first 100 sign-ups or eBooks available only to subscribers of your newsletter. When people believe they’re getting something others won’t, it increases the value of your content in their eyes. So, stir up some eerie exclusivity with content that vanishes at the stroke of midnight or limited-time offers that are as elusive as a witch’s cat. 

2. Haunting Visuals and Cryptic Teasers

Visual content, like infographics, videos, and high-quality images, can trigger strong emotional responses. But instead of giving all your dark secrets away at once, use teasers. A short clip from a longer video or a snippet from an infographic can pique curiosity and drive viewers to seek out the complete content.

3. Ghostly Testimonials and Phantom Reviews

We all experience a tinge of envy when we see someone else benefiting from a product or experience we don’t have. Encourage your existing audience or customers to share their experiences. Positive reviews, testimonials, and user-generated content can make others feel they’re missing out if they don’t engage with your brand or content. So, encourage your brave customers to share tales of their encounters with your brand, and their glowing reviews from the ghostly realm can make others feel they’re missing out on a paranormal party.

4. Leverage the Power of the Zombie Horde

Much like zombies, people often follow the crowd. Highlight the growing legion of followers, shares, or comments on your content. If a piece of content is widely shared, liked, or commented on, it naturally attracts more attention. Use social share counters on your blogs, highlight comments from industry experts, or showcase statistics of how many people have already signed up for, read, or shared your content. When others see the swarm gravitating towards your brand, they won’t want to be the last ghoul standing. After all, 56% of people are afraid they’ll miss out if they don’t stay on top of what’s happening on social media. So make sure you are what’s happening on social media. 

5. Witching Hour Content

There’s something bewitching about live events unfolding as the clock strikes twelve. Hosting eerie live streams or providing real-time updates during the witching hour can send shivers down your audience’s spine. The idea that something is happening right now, and they might miss out if they don’t tune in immediately, can be a powerful motivator for engagement.

6. Glimpse Beyond the Tombstone

Peek into the crypt and show your audience the skeletons in your closet. Offering a behind-the-scenes look into your operations, team, or how content is made can be both intriguing and exclusive. This type of content creates a sense of intimacy with the audience, making them feel part of an exclusive club (or coven). 

8. Scarcity Indicators 

If you’re promoting a product, event, or sign-ups, showcase how many items or spots are left. This tangible display of scarcity can ramp up urgency and induce FOMO. For instance, “Only 5 spots left at this price!” can push those on the fence to act swiftly, fearing they’ll be left in the dark.

Find your fear

Harnessing FOMO—or FEAR of Missing Out—can be your magic spell this Halloween. By blending these spine-tingling strategies into your content marketing cauldron, you’ll not only captivate souls but compel them to dance to your eerie tune. 

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