Unlocking LinkedIn’s Latest Secrets: How to Make the LinkedIn Algorithm Changes Work For You 

2 minutes read
If you find yourself lurking on LinkedIn, you might have noticed some changes in your post engagements lately. Why? Because LinkedIn has shaken things up with a revamped algorithm. So, we’ve taken a look at the new LinkedIn landscape.

Linking Up with LinkedIn’s New Algorithm

After polling its user base, LinkedIn discovered that most users gave the cold shoulder to subtle brags and personal updates from people they don’t know. The clear winners are now posts that showcase expertise or offer sage advice. Plus, users were more inclined towards content that connects them more deeply with people or pages they already know.

If you’re aiming to be the talk of the LinkedIn town, here’s some advice straight from the platform:

  1. Share the Wealth of Knowledge: LinkedIn is now all ears (or should we say all eyes?) for posts that disseminate “knowledge and insights”. The platform’s goal is straightforward: every post a user encounters should leave them better informed and prepared for career advancements. In essence, always ask, “What’s in it for my reader?”
  2. Wear Your Expert Hat: Got expertise in a domain? Flaunt it! LinkedIn emphasises that not just the value of your post but your authority on the topic plays a pivotal role. If you’re thinking, “Am I even an expert?” Remember, sometimes we’re so engrossed in our daily work we overlook our expertise. Dive deep into your professional niche, sprinkle some research, and voilà – you have valuable insights to share. Plus, aligning with user interests can increase your content viewership by 40%. 
  3. Niche Down, Don’t Blow Up: While going viral on TikTok might be the dream, LinkedIn is whispering a different mantra. Instead of trying to break the internet, focus on curating content for a targeted audience. If you spread yourself too thin, the algorithm might just give your post the silent treatment. So, whether you’re into recruitment, renewable energy or remarketing – hone into that space. There’s a community waiting for you.
  4. Offer A Fresh Perspective: Want to be the shining star in a sky full of posts? Offer a viewpoint that hasn’t been echoed a thousand times. Think outside the box and share opinions, advice, or a unique stance on a trending topic.
  5. Let’s Get Chatty: Just like at a good party, conversation is key. A buzzing comments section is your ticket to reaching a wider audience. Encourage discussions by adding calls to action, thought-provoking questions, or inviting fellow experts to chime in.

To wrap it up, LinkedIn is evolving, and with some adjustments, you can too. Tailor your posts, target them well, and let your expertise shine.