Welcome to Welly*

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Why the new name?

Last year saw us celebrate the 10th anniversary of LY Copywriting. It marked a decade since I set up from my sofa as a freelancer under the business name LY Copywriting. I started with an old laptop, a website that screamed self-built and spent my time firing off emails about who I was and what I could offer to anyone and everyone (this was pre-GDPR when exporting your connections on LinkedIn to bulk message was allowed).

Fast-forward 10 years and, as well as buying my first house, getting married, welcoming two children and helping the business bounce back after the downturn in lockdown, the business is now far more than just me. Our in-house team is made up of account managers, copywriters, a proofreader and, still, little ol’ me. So, it was time to make sure the business reflected where we are now and where we want to go rather than what it started as way back when, so, now, we are Welly*.

Why Welly*

Anyone who’s chosen a name for a business will know that it’s trickier than you might think. You need to fit everything you are, do, stand for and want to become all in one or a few words. I wanted to keep the ‘ly’ of LY Copywriting in there as a throwback to the original name. So, I used the highly sophisticated technique of Googling words that have ‘ly’ in them and found a website that listed the 2,128 Scrabble words with ‘ly’ in. As you can imagine, the letters mostly featured at the end of the words, and those that didn’t sound like some sort of ailment. I filtered the list down to words of between 4 and 6 letters as I wanted the name to have one or two syllables to keep it short and snappy. 

Welly* stood out from the beginning. Slang for energy, enthusiasm and commitment, it encompassed the past, present and future of the business. I toyed with a few different names but kept coming back to Welly*. When I’d tell a few people in the agency business that I trusted to give me their honest opinion, one of the recurring comments was the expression on my face as I said the name. I couldn’t help but smile at the word Welly*. We’re all about taking content, whether it’s website copy, product descriptions, social media content and more, and giving it some Welly*. So Welly* it was. 

Beyond the word Welly*

I had meetings and looked at previous client work of a few local design agencies and chose Mat Finch from Finch Design to work on our new brand identity. We went through an in-depth branding workshop where we covered everything from what we stood for to what we didn’t, who we were and who we aren’t, tone of voice and more. Mat came up with the logo and talked through the reasoning behind the asterisk. An asterisk denotes that there’s more to come and that you’re seeing part of the story and we felt it was perfect for both the logo and the whole brand, lending itself to opportunities for all our visual assets. Our new website is well underway, the designs have been signed off and sent to be built. We’ll also be having new social assets and banners as well as an email signature and newsletter header and can’t wait to reveal the rest of our new look. 

What it means for our clients

But, rebranding is more than just a new look, it’s about the evolution of the business and truly marking the fact that we’ve gone from ‘I’ to ‘we’. We’ve become more than just a case of order, deliver, repeat. We’ve become content marketing partners for our clients, truly guiding and shaping their content marketing plans and becoming their outsourced content marketing department. That means businesses, whether they’re a one-person band or a national brand, can benefit from our experienced experts without the cost and effort of employing or building their own marketing team. We’re all about agency experience at affordable rates. 

What it means for us

The rebrand is our stake in the ground that says we mean business when it comes to growth. It marks how we want to position ourselves in the regional and national agency space, helping us to compete as well as partner with bigger brands and more leading agencies. 

That doesn’t mean we’ll be leaving our existing clients in the dust, calling them legacy clients only to whittle them away as and when we can. Far from it. Our existing clients are literally what our business is built on. Their trust in us is what’s helped us double our turnover in 12 months, become finalists for the EDP Small Business of the Year Award and build relationships that have spanned years. For this and much more, we’ll be forever grateful and loyal to our clients, new and existing, big or small. 

Values in action

Whilst our values remain much the same as they are now, we’ve put them down on paper to make sure everything we do and every bit of work we deliver is underpinned by our values. I wanted to share our values so we can continue to be held accountable by everyone we work with:

Personable: Easy and enjoyable client experiences

At Welly*, being personable and approachable means more than just providing a service; it means being committed to creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for every client for a positive working relationship.

Relatable: Real people, real experiences

Welly* is not just a brand; we’re a team of real people with genuine life experiences, understanding and reflecting real-world challenges and aspirations. Welly* positions itself as a relatable and approachable partner.

Knowledgeable: Expertise in emerging trends

Knowledge is a strength for Welly*; equipped with expertise in current and emerging content marketing trends, providing insights that keep clients ahead of the curve and strategies that align with the latest industry developments.

Value-adding: Tangible results adding real value

Welly* is committed to delivering content that drives tangible results. Every piece of content created by Welly* is crafted to add real value, contributing to website traffic, brand positioning, and overall success.

Reliable: Commitment and consistency

Reliability is the cornerstone of our brand. The team stands by our commitments and meets deadlines consistently. Clients trust us for our unwavering commitment to delivering a high-quality, reliable service every time.

Work with Welly*

As we enter a new era for the business, we hope to continue working with our existing clients in 2024 and beyond and add new names to our truly valued collection of local and national clients. 

Welcome to Welly*.