Content Marketing Trends for 2024

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Christmas may seem like it was longer than a few chilly weeks ago - we’ve even spotted Easter eggs on supermarket shelves, and we haven’t even had Valentine's Day yet! So, as we’re well and truly into January, we’re exploring what we’re set to see from content marketing trends in 2024.

AI: A Helpful Sidekick, Not the Hero

First up, let’s chat about AI. There’s been a lot of chatter about AI taking over, but here’s the deal: it’s more of a sidekick than the main hero. AI is fantastic at handling the grunt work – think real-time SEO tweaks and sorting data like a boss. But when it comes to the soul of your content? That still calls for the human touch. 

Imagine AI as your time-saving assistant, freeing up your creative mind to do what it does best – tell stories, empathise and connect. It’s about using AI to enhance our human touch, not replace it. So, breathe easy, fellow content creators; our jobs are evolving, not dissolving!

Search Shifts to Social Media

Now, onto the seismic shift in search. We’ve been noticing how more people turn to social platforms like TikTok or Instagram to find what they’re looking for. In fact, Google Data backs this up, revealing that around 40% of young people begin their search on social media platforms. 

This means your content needs to be where your audience is hanging out. It’s not just about being Google-friendly anymore; it’s about being social-search savvy. This trend nudges us to craft more engaging, shareable, and, let’s be honest, more fun content. Think bite-sized videos, eye-catching infographics, and posts that start conversations. It’s time to get social with your search strategy!

Topic Clusters: The Retro Revival in Content Strategy

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to the good ol’ days of “hub-and-spoke” content models. Picture this: a central, meaty piece of content, the “hub,” surrounded by a series of smaller, detailed “spokes” or posts. Each of these dives into specific areas of the main subject. Well,  this classic strategy is making a comeback and for good reason. 

This approach isn’t just a powerhouse for SEO, creating a rich tapestry of interlinked content. It’s also fantastic for guiding your audience through a content adventure, from the first click to the last. Let’s dust off this tried-and-true tactic and weave our own web of engaging, interconnected content this year.

The Authenticity Factor

In a world teeming with content, authenticity isn’t just nice; it’s a must-have. Audiences have fine-tuned their BS meters, and they can sniff out insincerity from a mile away. This year, it’s all about keeping it real.

Being authentic means being transparent, showing your brand’s human side, and telling stories that resonate on a personal level. It’s about creating content that feels like a chat with a good friend, not a cringe-filled sales pitch. 

Sustainability: The Green Wave

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a movement and has solidified its place in content marketing. With a Nielsen study revealing that 73% of worldwide consumers would change their consumption habits to reduce the environmental impact, eco-friendly practices in content creation and distribution are no longer optional – they’re expected.  

Think about how to reduce your digital carbon footprint or use sustainable materials in your physical marketing materials. Keep the planet in mind with your content marketing – after all, green is the new black.

Localised and Niche Content

The world is big, but sometimes the most significant impact comes from thinking small. This year, there’s a growing appetite for localised and niche content. This means creating content that speaks directly to specific communities or interest groups.

By zoning in on a particular audience, your content becomes more relevant, more engaging, and, frankly, more effective. Whether it’s a local community or a niche hobby group, targeted content can make a massive difference in your engagement rates.

Newsletters: The Comeback Kid

Newsletters are making a comeback, and they’re cooler than ever. In the age of information overload, a well-crafted newsletter feels like a curated, personal update from a trusted friend.

The trick is to pack your newsletters with value – think exclusive insights, tips, or even a behind-the-scenes look at your brand. Make your subscribers feel special, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Embrace the Fusion of Tech and Humanity for Unmatched Results

There you have it, a look into what will make waves in content marketing in 2024. It’s a blend of technology and humanity, global reach and local touch, digital savvy and authentic storytelling. The key is to stay adaptable and genuine and embrace these trends with open arms and creative minds. If you need a guiding hand in this ever-evolving landscape, we’re just an email away at From truly effective blog content to keyword-rich website copy and scroll-stopping social media content, we’re here to help 2024 be the year you truly channel the power of content marketing.