Blogging: What To Do BEFORE You Click Publish

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Obviously proofreading is a MUST, but here are some tips to consider before you click publish.
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Ever felt that panic after posting a blog post only to realise that it’s not up to scratch and may not reflect well on your business? Obviously proofreading is a MUST, but here are some tips to consider before you click publish.

1. Optimise the Post for Your Keywords

You can over and under optimise for your keywords so it’s important to find the right balance. Otherwise, you may accidentally hinder your SEO rankings by ‘over-optimisation’. Add-ons like

Yoast SEO can help you craft content based around a given keyword, simply enter your keyword to get real-time information about your post.

2. Perfect Your Headline

50-60 characters means you’ve only got a few words to say a lot. But, it forces you to write a descriptive title that’s enticing, entertaining and prompts the user to click your page. Your headlines should always honestly reflect each post’s content, don’t ‘clickbait’ people into visiting your site as this will ultimately frustrate visitors. A compelling but accurate headline is always your best bet.

3. Write a Meta Description

A meta description should be between about 100 to 300 characters. You’ll therefore need to consider the key points of the post. WordPress doesn’t enable you to add meta descriptions by default, but as mentioned before Yoast SEO lets you create meta descriptions for your posts when you edit them.

Side note: Make sure every photo has an alt description, if you want your work to reach as many potential clients as possible it must be as accessible as possible. You can edit this on WordPress and will not need any additional software.

4. Add a Clear Call-To-Action (CTA)

Most blog posts have a purpose, to draw traffic to your site, to generate leads and conversions or create a discussion. A Call-To-Action needs to be concise but inviting, so make the benefit obvious. It should be clear to your reader why they’d benefit from taking this action. You could offer them a free gift, for example, or provide a limited-time offer.

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