How To Make Sure You’re Marketing to Gen Z the right way

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Marketing to Gen Z is completely different from marketing to other generations.
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Marketing to Gen Z is completely different from marketing to other generations. With shorter attention spans and more access to the world, it can make things faster and harder. But, if you take the time to understand this new generation of customers, they’ll reward you in return. 

Use each social media differently

According to a survey by IBM, 75% of Gen Z say they use a smartphone the most, giving them quick and easy access to the internet and social media. But don’t just repeat yourself on different platforms, treating Gen Z like a singular block is a sure-fire way to appear out of touch.

The top platforms that Gen Z’s use to learn about a company are YouTube, followed by Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and then Glassdoor. With such visual platforms like YouTube and Instagram topping the list, consider incorporating a combination of creativity and interactivity into strategies and developing bite-sized content like Instagram Stories. 

Generate Loyalty Through Meaningful Interactions

If it isn’t already, customer retention should be a large part of your marketing strategy. One of the best ways to do this is through meaningful interactions. Gen Z are eager to interact with their favourite brands. More specifically:

Be a business that they can look up to and not just spend money with. Millennials loved TOMS because not only were their shoes popular, but they stood for a cause they cared about and Gen Z is no different. In fact, 60% of Gen-Z want to positively change the world through their work, so they want to buy from brands that can do the same.

When marketing to Gen Z, your online presence is more important than ever. Be relatable, stay on top of trends and discussions, Gen Z appreciate genuine connection, so drop the formalities and join in with genuine or silly discussions. 

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