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Our top 10 list blog looks at how you can make a tried and tested top 10 list blog post work for your business.
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Consistently coming up with great ideas for your business blog can sometimes be a tricky task. But our top 10 list blog looks at how you can make a tried and tested top 10 list blog post work for your business.

No matter what industry you work in, there’s a top 10 list blog idea that you could use to drive people to your website. This type of blog could be used to raise your business’s profile on-line. Plus you’ll be able to get some of those all-important keywords and phrases onto your site. There’s all sorts of ideas that you can write about, no matter what your business is. Even if your business is in an extremely serious industry, for instance, you’re the senior partner in a law firm, you can still produce top 10 lists. You could write about your top 10 successful cases of the year (paying very careful attention to data protection of course). You could give your top 10 pieces of advice on how to handle yourself in court. Even something like ‘Top 10 Things People Don’t Know About Whiplash Claims’.

As you can see, top 10 lists can be used by even the most serious of industries. However, they do tend to work best when they are being used to discuss more casual and fun topics. Businesses like hairdressers, gyms, travel agents, cafes, pubs and restaurants, shops, beauticians, and so on are perfect industries for creating brilliant blog content really easily. There’s always something fabulous to talk about in any lifestyle industry.

You could create any one of the following top 10 lists with a little bit of research on line. And some captivating copywriting of course:

– Top 10 Things to Do in LOCATION

– Top 10 Places to Eat in LOCATION

– Top 10 Things People Didn’t Know About X

– Top 10 People (or brands) Who’ve Nailed X Trend

– Top 10 ways to save money with X

Or even go a bit more out there with Top 10 X to try before you die!

The reason that top 10 lists work so well is that they have an in-built structure making them easy to read with very little attention, so they’re easy to digest. They are also a fabulous way to create a call to arms as they can be opinion magnets and people can let you know whether they agree or disagree with your points.