Cracking Keyword Research

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Find 5 top keywords or phrases that your audiences are ACTUALLY searching for using
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Find 5 top keywords or phrases that your audiences are ACTUALLY searching for using

You can use this to check the keywords and phrases used throughout your website. However, in the vein of offering advice that you can carry out in a matter of minutes, we’re focusing on headings.

How? shows you a list of the suggestions, called autocomplete suggestions, that drop down when you’re typing into Google and Bing. These drop-down suggestions are based on how people actually search. The more relevant the search, the higher up in the drop-down list of suggestions the phrase will appear. Oh and don’t be put off by the rather angry looking man on‘s homepage…

Just type in a keyword or phrase and click ‘Get Questions’. You’ll be given a list of autocomplete suggestions. You can either view the results as a spider-esque diagram or, if like me you love a list, then click ‘data’ for a straightforward list.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to use with a starter package. This means you can make sure you’re using the keywords and phrases that people are ACTUALLY typing in to Google rather than what you ASSUME they are.

Example time…

Say you’re a family attraction trying to increase footfall. Instead of ‘Activities for Children’, use the more popularly searched for term ‘Activities for kids’. You could even be more specific and use ‘toddlers’ or ‘babies’.

It’s also a good way to check if you’re using the terminology that target customers are. For example if you’re an accountant trying to target self-employed professionals, instead of trying to capture people typing in

‘Accountants fee for self-assessment’


‘Accountants fee for tax return’

It might technically be called self-assessment these days, but if people are still searching using ‘tax return’ then give them what they want. Because it’s in Google’s autocomplete suggestions, it means it’s deemed it more relevant. This then  gives you a better chance of getting found. 

FUN FACT: If you start typing Donald Trump is into Google you’ll be given the suggestions: 

Donald Trump is a horse in hospital
Donald Trump is an oompa loompa

Just saying…