KickStarter Scheme Update Charlie chats about life at LY Copywriting

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Charlie’s been with us nearly a month so we asked her to write about her time so far.
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Charlie’s been with us nearly a month so we asked her to write about her time so far. We want to give her every opportunity to get her words published on the world wide web! So, read on to find out what Charlie had to say about her first four weeks as part of the LY Copywriting crew…


Starting Working Life Again

I joined LY Copywriting a little over a month ago as the Digital Marketing Assistant, and joining the company has been a wholly positive experience in many aspects. After graduating into the corona-virus pandemic and getting support from universal credit, the KickStarter Graduate Scheme helped me to both find the position and begin settling into working life.

Returning into a routine of working has come with its challenges – being expected to be switched on in the morning is definitely something I haven’t been used to for a while now,. Plus I’ve needed to adapt to working from home for two days each week. But, Lauren has been a great source of support for me throughout the transition as well as guiding me through the job and this has made it a positive and enjoyable experience.


Learning and Developing My Skills

Through my work so far, I have already learnt and developed in a wide variety of ways, including both professionally and personally. My understanding of the importance of social media connections, especially for small businesses, is vastly more detailed and I am more confident in developing an approachable voice and presence through social media. Firstly, the fine details that make a blog effective, such as emotional value in headlines, bullet-points and numbers that help draw the eye, as well as a prominent image to summarize the blog’s content. Secondly, the knowledge I have developed about assisting social media management through applications such as Buffer, Mailchimp and Hootsuite.

After graduation, I had plans to transition into the marketing sector, and what I have learnt from my time here has been very rewarding, especially when learning through the perspective of a small business owner. The process of pitching an idea and seeing it come to life a few days later in a blog post for example, has been a favourite part of mine.


Looking forward to the future!

Everything I have learnt so far, from social media styles, blog/content structure to key marketing terms and inner workings has been invaluable and I’m looking forward to learning more from the team in the continuing months!

We’re glad Charlie’s enjoying her time as part of the team and are really grateful for all her work so far! Check back in a few weeks for another update and please follow us on LinkedIn for content tips and a bit of banter!