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This post will give you inspiration for loads of social media content without having to work very hard at all!
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This post will give you inspiration for loads of social media content without having to work very hard at all! Handy if you find it difficult to dedicate time to writing social media content. And even if you’re actually quite fond of Facebook or into Instagram, it’ll still give you lots of content to talk about.


What’s this magic source of social content you ask… awareness days. They’re a great way to create fun and engaging content. It’s a quick way to get your audience involved with your posts and drive brand awareness.


From No Pants Day to Honesty Day and Eat What You Want Day to National Picnic Week – there’s a day, week or month to celebrate all sorts, from good causes to the wacky and wonderful. So, we’ve put together seven super ways you can use awareness days to create social media content.


Show your personality


Did you know there’s a National Doughnut Week? It’s held between 12th and 19th May for The Children’s Trust. There are a few obvious ways that places like cafés could jump on the bandwagon but there are also plenty of ideas that office-based (or even home-based) businesses can use too.


Challenge your team, yourself or your family to the ‘don’t-lick-your-lips’ challenge and video or take photos of the results, announcing the winner on your socials.




Why not buy a bunch of doughnuts then ask your colleagues, friends or family to make a donation to The Children’s Trust in return for their sugar hit. This not only creates a fun event for your business but shows your business cares about the wider community.


Offer Freebies


People love free stuff. So, choose a local business nearby and carry out a random act of kindness by delivering some doughnuts to their door. Choose a business active on social media in the hope they’ll thank you in front of their followers.


Use Video


Video is becoming the best way to engage your audience, so why not create a short time lapse video of your doughnuts disappearing from the box as your colleagues start swarming around.


Hold a Competition


Get your audience involved in creating things which could start a viral trend. For National Pet Month, a pet shop could hold a competition for people to post short clips of their pets doing a trick or post the funniest video of their pet. You should see how many views these videos get on YouTube!


Create a Unique Hashtag


Finally, create a specific hashtag for your event so you can monitor every time it is being talked about. Creating a specific, short, and unique hashtag could get you trending on Twitter.


Don’t forget to use hashtags on your other social media channels too. Check out our blog on how often you should post for the best engagement rates.


What are you waiting for? Check out the awareness days, pick one, or maybe even more, which is suitable for your business. Have fun coming up with five ideas that can highlight your business. And there you have it – some cool content that will engage your audience.


If you’d like to additional support in how to approach your social media, get in touch with us today!