KickStarter Scheme Update – Charlie chats about LY Copywriting

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Charlie has written an update for us for the last few weeks on how the KickStarter placement is going here at LYCopywriting.
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Charlie has written an update for us for the last few weeks on how the KickStarter placement is going here at LYCopywriting.


I have been working at LYCopywriting for 16 weeks now but it feels like I have been here a lot longer, as I have grown very comfortable with the business and the flow of work life now.

Since my first update I have grown my abilities through communicating with clients, writing blogs and designing social media posts for multiple companies, as well as LYCopywriting themselves!


Not only this but I have been assisting in organising LYCopywriting’s upcoming campaign ‘Be Kind for 30 Days in 30 Ways’. This campaign is a pledge from us at LYCopywriting to do a kind act for local people and places that deserve a helping hand and recognition every day in September. This new large collaborative role brings a new level of responsibility that I have wholeheartedly taken in my stride. I have been able to oversee processes from start to finish, take on my own clients and build social media connections all in the name of kindness. While I have accumulated different skills from this, working towards this campaign has been an eye-opening experience for my understanding of non-profit organisations and digital marketing.


Moving to Norwich for the first time in the last few months, and not being able to experience a lot of it, made approaching local charities and non-profit organisations a daunting task at first, and a lot of research. The closer September comes, however, myself and the team are getting more excited to see the outcome of all our hard work and effort over the last few months planning this campaign.


However, while at the end of September all our hard work towards this campaign will be completed, it will be a sad excitement as my placement at LYCopywriting through the Kickstarter Scheme will also be coming to an end in September. My time working with Lauren and the team at LYCopywriting has allowed me to grow professionally and personally. I’m very confident that given the experience I am going to continue to grow and transition into a role which I enjoy, using my in-depth knowledge of the business and skills which I have built upon and can grow and develop.


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