Copywriting trends for 2021

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We’re looking at what will help your brand stand out, as well as tips and technological developments.
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We’re looking at what will help your brand stand out, as well as tips and technological developments.

As user behaviour and expectations change, so too do copywriting trends. With the focus on connection via the internet, mastering these topical copywriting trends will give you a full toolset that can help you stand out amongst the millions of pieces of content published every day.

As copywriters it is so important to pay close attention to ever changing user behaviour so we can give end users what they really want, not just what brands think they want. 

  • Infusing with Video Marketing

Video marketing is beginning to overtake Copywriting in a similar way TV did to films. So why not have the best of both worlds. By keeping on top of digital trends, you can effectively integrate your copywriting with a niche visual style and better your chances of standing out – especially on social channels!

  • AI Content Generation

AI is getting better and better, and although generating content and copy using AI is not quite as popular percentage-wise yet, with OpenAI’s development of an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text, content generation is taking on a whole new meaning. Another big reason to get behind AI content generation is, even though it’s not perfect, it can alleviate many of the pressures that a copywriter or content marketer endures regularly, that dreaded writer’s block.

  • Voice Search

You’ll find Alexa and/or Google hubs in most homes now – some with multiple hubs in various rooms. So, it’s a must to get voice search phrases into your copy to encourage the largest amount of reach. Experts believe that utilising voice search phrases in copywriting will allow for better streamlining of your SEO strategy by making keyword research easier.

  • Long form is still best

In a world dominated by TikTok, Instagram, and short attention spans, you’d think that short copy would work better. However, statistics are showing that longer copy is more popular with consumers. According to Backlinko, long-form articles get an average of 77.2% more links than short articles. In a Forbes article they state that businesses making the most sales, especially in the e-commerce and direct response space, are all using long-form copy. So it’s highly unlikely that long copy is going anywhere in 2021.  

  • Brand Value and Awareness

It’s often mentioned but it is so important. Authenticity and trust are even more important than positive branding. Incorporating positivity, humour, warmth and care into your copy and aligning these emotional triggers with your brand will help to humanise it.

  • Paid Advertising Automation 

You can use third-party software to work hard for you by automating some of the systems and steps. Although automation is not new in PPC advertising, it is one of the biggest trends in this type of advertising. By ensuring that you use copywriting practices and tips with paid advertising, you can stay on top of your game, 

We hope the above has helped you when it comes to knowing what and how to write for your audiences in 2021. 

And of course, if you need a hand with your copy, whether it’s for your website, your social media platforms or anything else – you know where we are!