Tips on Meet the Team page for your website

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Research has shown that websites that have a meet the team page report it as one of the top visited pages on their website.
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Research has shown that websites that have a meet the team page report it as one of the top visited pages on their website. It shows them why you should be the people to turn to for whatever you’re selling and humanizes your brand – people buy from people after all.

Creative design is one of the key aspects of any great team pages, keeping consistency with the other landing pages design, colour scheme and language. It’s good to keep it casual and light but don’t get too comfy, a client looking for a solicitor won’t be won over by your penchant for Pokémon.

Make your team approachable by including links of how to get in touch with them. Whether it’s an email address or social media profiles, don’t hide behind a generic info@ email address, show your customers that you’ll make it easy to communicate with them.

Once you have these basics down; develop, adjust and personalize;

  • Use a personal photo to show the team members personality
  • Show off team members accomplishments
  • Represent your team in a unique way, (it helps keep users engaged and triggers their curiosity. It also shows the unique aspects of your company, as a whole.)
  • Offbeat photos, social media links, animations or some uniqueness in the expanded profiles of your team members. Adding humour or some action that adds to the brand or business identity.

We’re all different and this is what makes a business work. You could even go as far as to make an individual page for each team member as well as an overall “Meet the Team” page. This will help you rank in search engines when a specific name is searched for. When all team members are on one page Google doesn’t know which name to rank that page for.

Need a little more inspiration? Here are some of our favourite Meet the Team Pages!

  • Digital Marmalade – Take inspiration from Top Trump Cards for their quirky and exciting team page.
  • Rock Kitchen Harris – Take a creative twist on the typical boxy photos and design a little avatar for each employee! All dressed in personalised outfits, like an Ewok.
  • Matchstic – A fun twist on creativity and professional black and white photos, the formal presentation is presented with a fun twist when the mouse runs over each picture!

If you’d like to find out more about how to approach your blogs, get in touch with us today!