Emotional Value of Headlines

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We’ve been super busy weathering the total (ahem) storm that COVID caused our business and our clients.
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We’ve been super busy weathering the total (ahem) storm that COVID caused our business and our clients. But we’re back on track and will once again be sharing our short and snappy words of wisdom to help you work smarter not harder! This week we’re looking at the emotional value of headlines and why it’s actually pretty important.


Have you ever considered what the emotional value (EMV) of your headline is? Do you even know what emotional value is? Well, it’s an essential part of any written article, and the first thing readers will use to decide if they will click or carry on browsing. Reaching your target audience in an emotional way is key for any copywriter, so making sure your headline contains EMV words is key to the success of your work.


If you’re unfamiliar with emotional value, the simplest way to describe it is the feeling you get when reading a headline and anticipate how the rest of the piece will make you feel. Some might fill you with excitement, some worry, but the words used in the headline will usually affect you on an emotional level. When writing content, you want people to keep reading past the headline, so getting it right is key.


If you’re new to EMV, then using the advanced marketing institute’s free tool can help you by evaluating your headline’s emotional value. On the website, you’ll be able to pop your headline into the tool, and it will perform an analysis and provide a score based on the number of EMV words it contains. From this, the platform will work out your EMV score, plus tell you which emotions your headline is most likely to impact, for example:


Intellectual words which are associated with products or services where consideration is needed.

Empathetic words are the heartfelt words where a strong emotional reaction is felt.

Spiritual words can have the strongest impact on the reader and impact them at a deep emotional level.


Check out the EMV analyser here.


Whatever emotional reaction you’re seeking from your clients or customers, writing a headline that touches those emotions can be key to winning them over and getting them to read your content.


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